A Success Story from Pasadena Video Stories


I produced, directed, and scripted this video featuring a $6.8 million PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) project on the dusitD2 constance pasadena hotel in downtown Pasadena, CA. PACE is 100%, long-term, fixed-rate financing repaid through a property tax assessment attached to a building. To learn more about the project, please visit http://www.pacenation.us/6-8-million-hotel-upgrade/.

Elevating success stories is essential in the PACE market.  It was my goal to identify several key projects across the country and tell the stories from the perspective of project partners: building owners, developer, financing providers and in some cases tenants. While PACE has been used to finance over $2B in energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades, it has the potential of unlocking an even bigger market.